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The 2021 English cricket season has been really good so far. The County Championship with its new three group format has been really entertaining and quite gripping. Each group is tantalisingly poised as the counties pause to go into T20 mode. It is not at all clear who will qualify for Division One to contest the ultimate title and the five-day Final for the Bob Willis Trophy.

We also have the final of the inaugural World Test Championship to look forward to, starting at the Rose Bowl, Southampton on 18 June, between India and New Zealand, a mouth-watering prospect.

For followers of this blog though, almost as exciting is the imminent publication of my book The Immortals of English Cricket, which should be available at a bookshop near you in August. You can pre-order on Amazon!

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Education, Education, Education

It’s not difficult to see why New Zealand are in the World Test Championship (WTC) final and England aren’t, on the evidence of the two-match series just concluded. Pausing there, it’s only fair to add a few caveats. The series itself is not only not part of the WTC; it was a very late entry to the fixture list, and …
Education, Education, Education

Out of Africa

Out of Africa
A couple of weeks ago I wrote that being a cricket person in Singapore is fine because these days so much cricket is available on television here. As in most places you pay for it but at least it’s available. Update. This is simply not true. It is not possible to watch the current England v New Zealand Test series …

Keep On Keeping On

I wrote about Darren Stevens a few years ago (The Old Fox, July 2018: I think it still holds up). Since then his career has been even more extraordinary. In 2018, as well as reaching the 50-over final at Lord’s (which they lost, to Hampshire) Kent gained promotion to the first division of the County Championship, and Stevens played his …
Keep On Keeping On

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